Early December Adventures

December 3, 2014



Yesterday wasn’t all that exciting, so I’m not sure why I’m calling it an adventure, but I did have some fun. I went with my step dad and my siblings to their new house/flat/castle. It was nice and for the first time ever my siblings agreed with a parent, which was a nice experience. Before we got there my siblings and I picked up or youngest brother from school and they gave us gingerbread cookies. Speaking of which, I went to lidl before I went home, and can you believe what they had? Their own gingerbread-cookie-dough-things. In a six pack. Also they where cheaper and they where really good and I’m in love. Yeah.

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  • Reply Luna Marie May 9, 2015 at 04:54

    Careful what you post on the internet. All I typed was coffee and Ur page popped up. Lots of weirdos out there.:)

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