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    Almond’s Life Parties 5.0 // Tuesday, 11.04.17

    Cinnamon buns, that drew me in with their fancy packaging. A muffin that I ate when my my mum and sister came to visit me this past weekend. My coffee for this week, that I once again picked out because of the packaging, and I’m probably going to continue to buy for that same reason. Hi, friends! Today I went out for coffee with my dad, and we sat and talked about Pokémon while drinking out lattes. That’s usually how it goes. I discovered the amazing Magikarp hat in the Pokémon Go app, and it is my new favorite thing in this universe. Afterwards we went to a grocery store…

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    Almond’s Life Parties 4.0 // Tuesday, 04.04.17

    Hello, friends! Today is yet another day on this planet that we call Earth, and I spent it drinking coffee. Surprising, I know. I never drink coffee…. *cough* But, I did also eat some ice cream along with my coffee, and it was a great culinary experience if I’m being honest. I also bought a new little wallet, and a candle holder which is at this very moment, sitting on a windowsill next to my bed being cute. Right now I am thinking about what kind of bag I should make out of these fabrics that I bought yesterday, I’m thinking it’s going to be another camera bag, but I…

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    Almond’s Outfit Parties 8.0 // Wednesday, 22.03.17

    Heyyo, Party People! Today I am sharing a outfit that I wore about two weeks ago now, when we celebrated my uncle’s birthday. I had planned on posting this much sooner, but as you may know, I got a little behind. But now about the outfit; I wore a top with beading from Lidl, I think this one is dark grey, I have one that is in a dark blue colour, too, but I seem to struggle with telling them apart sometimes, even though the colours are very different when the shirts are next to each other. I really love those tops, which is why I bought both of the…

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    A Newly Made Bag // Thursday, 23.02.17

    Hello, friends! I told you in my last post that I spent this past weekend making a bag, and that I was going to show it to you in my next post. So, here I am, actually keeping my word! I sewed all the seams by hand, which is why they are not perfect, I have yet to master that technique. Though, I have to say, I kind of like it like this. The bag is made out of a slightly metallic silver faux leather, that I got a piece off at my local fabric shop. It was in a bin with large scarps of fabric for really cheap, and…

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    New Years Eve // Monday, 16.01.17

    Hey, friends! Today I am finally posting the photos I have from New Years Eve, I would have some pictures of fireworks, but a grand total of 0 of the ones I took turned out good, so. My dad and I ate dinner with my grandparents and my uncle. We watched lots of things on their Chromecast that they received for Christmas, my dad and I even went out to a park to catch a Venusaur, which I did. A few days later I was even able to evolve a Bulbasaur to a Ivysaur, so now I have all three. I finally evolved a Pikachu, too, the other day. I…

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    Sunday, December 11th 2016

    Hi, friends! Yesterday I attended a relatives birthday party with my family. It was very nice to see some family again, and I never say no to cake, so that’s a win. Yesterday I also pretty much finished my latest sewing project, which is a robe/coat that is inspired by the wizard robes from Harry Potter. I am planning on taking some photos of it soon, and hopefully I’ll get a blogpost up about it in the coming week! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    Sunday, 16th of October 2016 // The Blanket Cape

    Hi there, pals! I posted a photo on Instagram the other week about a new project I was starting, which was making a cape coat out of a blanket and some fabric. I ended up using another fabric than I intended, because the other one didn’t work out, but I’m very happy with the end result. It has three functional buttons at the top, for closing the cape – obviously – and two decorative buttons under the arm holes to cover up and/or distract from the seams there. I also used a faux fur collar that was originally on another coat I owned, but didn’t use, since I did not…

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    Sunday, 25th of September 2016 // A Day Late…

    Hi, friends! Yesterday my dad and I decided to go out and play some minigolf, which I, to put it mildly, suck at. I struggle too much with focusing on the game, and that in combination with me being the least coordinated person in human history, isn’t great. I did have fun, though, and afterwards we ended up at Max for some food and coffee, and later on in a park to play Pokémon Go. Today we went grocery shopping, drank even more coffee and played even more Pokémon. I also bought some materials for a new sewing project and a new sheet. Right no, I gotta go eat some food, and…

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    A Day With Family

    A couple of days ago, my dad and I visited my aunt, and her family. We talked and ate food together and had a nice time. We talked some about Pokémon GO, and I really want to play, because hello? Pokémon? Sign me the fuck up. But, it just wont let me log in, or make an account, and it’s really pissing me off. I guess I have to stick to watching the show, and work on my Pokémon inspired dresses and paintings. And cry. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble | Etsy  

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    Emma’s 19th Birthday

    My birthday dinner. My birthday dessert. My birthday face. Hi there, pals! This past Sunday, on July 10th, it was my 19th birthday. I actually started this blog around my 15th birthday, so that’s quite a while. Maybe not for some people, but you can see basically all my hairstyle and just general style changes on here. On Friday I got one of my presents, which was a new sewing machine from my dad and uncle. My old one had been acting up and I actually lost a part that same day, so my dad decided it was time for an upgrade. It’s been used by a school before, so…