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Botaniska Trädgården 1.0

Sometime after midsummer, me and a girl from my staff decided to go to a place in Gothenburg called Botaniska Trädgården, which is just a big garden in the middle of the city. I took lots of pictures, that’s basically why we went, and I played around with the settings on my camera bit, so that’s …

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My 18th Birthday

Yesterday was the day. I turned 18. I’m an adult now. Kind of. Not really. I still don’t know how taxes work and I can’t drive. But I do drink coffee, and i have moved out of my parents house, o that’s something. Yesterday we had a drop-in kind of birthday party. We had coffee …

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This Friday, we celebrated midsummer here in Sweden, and as you do on midsummer, we made flower crowns. So we went out in our little park we have nearby (like, the park is pretty much my garden), and picked some flowers. We also ate strawberries and ice cream, but the pictures weren’t any good, so …

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