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    Emma’s Life Adventure’s 4.0

    My drink at Pizza Hut. Erik and Moa were almost paying attention to me! Erik’s appetizer. The pizza Moa and I shared. Erik’s pizza. Hi! These pictures are from Tuesday last week when my friends and I had lunch at Pizza Hut, since we had no classes left for the day and we we’re not interested in the lunch at school. Erik and I had a little look around the shops in the city afterwards, but Moa had to go home and pack, because she was leaving for Stockholm and the 5 Seconds of Summer concert on June 1st. Yes, I am a little jealous. I bought some chain and rings for a button-thing I…

  • [Lifestyle]

    Some Pizzas With Friends

    Today after school, my friends and I went out and ate at Pizza Hut, and looked around in some shops, and I did buy some things, which I am planning on showing in a haul soon, since I have bought quite a few new makeup pieces in the sales and such. I might get around to filming my haul in the next coming days, so that might be my next post, we’ll see! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble

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    A Pizza For Three

    First of May is a holiday here in Sweden, so my friends and I decided to go out for lunch, since we where of school. We went to Pizza Hut and shared a large cheesy crust pizza.  After we had finished our pizza, we went on to some shops. Moa had to leave quite early, though, but Hanna and I kept looking at stuff. We also went in to McDonald’s for something to drink and I had coffee. Hanna bought a smoothie. None of my friends drink coffee. Why are we friends again? I’m just kidding. Or am I? Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest