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This Friday, we celebrated midsummer here in Sweden, and as you do on midsummer, we made flower crowns. So we went out in our little park we have nearby (like, the park is pretty much my garden), and picked some flowers. We also ate strawberries and ice cream, but the pictures weren’t any  ...

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Summer Days

This weekend my dad and my uncle had a frisbee competition to play, so one of the days, my cousin, his mum and I went first to the beach pretty much as soon as I woke up. Later we went to see my grandparents and also to look at our family playing.

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Summer Camp 3.0

Yesterday we went out on an adventure to a park to have a picnic. After we had our food and coffee, one from my staff and I stayed in the park, while the rest went to play some frisbee golf. Now for a story okay, I was laying in my stomach with my phone, with my staff laying beside me, also on  ...

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