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    Sunday, 6th of November 2016 // Blush and Glitter

    Hey lil pals, yesterday my housing had a Halloween party, and I hadn’t really planned any costume, because I have been feeling really unmotivated to do things lately, and I wasn’t really feeling going socializing. But I ended up putting four pounds of bright pink blush and glitter all over my face, and went to the party and stayed for like, 45 minutes. Earlier today, my dad and I went to McDonald’s to drink coffee, and then we played some Pokémon Go. Right now I’m watching Shrek on Netflix, and I’m about to do my planning for the week, and then maybe I’ll start making a new planner pouch, because…

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    Wednesday, 19th of October 2016 // All The Small Things

    Hi, friends! Yesterday I did a small amount of shopping (“smal”), I bought a new pair of eyelashes, since I lost my last pair about two weeks ago, since I had taken them off and put them down and never saw them again, so they re probably floating around in space somewhere.  I also bought myself a new nail polish, it’s a 1 step gel formula from Wet n Wild, which I wanted to try because I wanted something that will – hopefully – last longer than the normal ones that I wear. I have been really unmotivated to wear polish recently because I have been struggling extra much with…

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    Get Ready With Me – The Forgotten Files

    Hi there, my pals! I posted this video on YouTube, a while ago, but I’ve forgotten to post about it on here. Though, “forgotten” is probably the wrong word, I more procrastinated making this post, for no real reason. I haven’t really done much since then. My family’s cat has moved in with me, and he’s enjoying it here. He gets to be outside more, and when he’s not outside adventuring in the park, he’s inside sleeping. He seems happy though, and I’m very happy to have him. I don’t know what I was doing before I had a cat, and I feel like I’ll never be able to be…

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    White Flowers In The Ocean

      Hi there, pals! Today I am sharing a recent manicure with you, which is something I haven’t done in a really long time. But hopefully I’ll share more soon, since I’ve gotten back into not just painting my nails in just one colour and a glitter topcoat. I received a pack of nail stickers when I graduated and I have since rediscovered the fun in putting tiny objects on my nails. Today I also got my new glasses, so I can finally see things again, and I’m super happy! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble | Etsy 

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    Almond Talks About Sparkly Things

    Today I posted a little haul video, showing you some beauty items I bought at H&M yesterday. H&M in-store actually carries quite a lot of makeup and beauty brands, that are a little harder to get a hold of in Sweden, especially in store. Quite recently the store in my town has started to carry Sleek products, which I have never seen in person before, though some Swedish online shops sells them as well. They also carry House of Lashes, and last week I bought their eyelash glue, since I can’t find a good one and I always end up using the ones that comes with the lashes, which are…

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    A Beginning of Winter Haul

    Kubiss Trio Eyeshadow No.3 | Wet ‘n’ Wild Wildshine Nail Color Grape Minds Think Alike | Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast Lip Color Sugar Plum Fairy This week, I have bought a couple of new things, not all winter related, but some are. I did buy some new makeup and a nail polish on Monday, which I really like. The nail polish and lipstick is pretty similar in colour, which I really enjoy. The lipstick swatches a bit lighter, and brighter, than it looks in the tube. I also bought a new coat in a local second hand shop yesterday. It’s sort of a cape-coat, since it doesn’t have any real…

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    Halloween 2015

    Hi! Today is Halloween and even though it’s not even 10 pm, I’ve already left the Halloween party the housing was having, I started to get a bit mentally exhausted and anxious, so I decided to head back in to my apartment before it got too bad. But I did take some pictures and the first one I am showing you is a picture of my makeup, I wanted to go for a skull, but I never went for a test run, like I meant to, so when it didn’t turn out so realistic I decided to go with it, and improvise a bit. I never took a picture of…

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    A Day Out Late

    Yesterday it was the last official day of Lights in Alingsås, and because of that the shops in town was open later than usual, and there was some offers in the shops, and some free drinks as well. After I had gone on a walk with my staff and neighbors, some staff and I went to town and I looked in some stores. I took some pictures also, as I always do, and I will show you them now. There was lots of lights decorating the streets, and my staff almost kicked over a lit candle. Two of the things I bought, the nail polish is a dark blue Sugar Lacquer from…