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    Makeup & Selfie Recap ♡ June 2017

    On Instagram Hello there, friends and enemies! I know, I know, July is almost over and I am just now posting the June makeup recap… I don’t really have an excuse, except for my distracted and very tired brain. But here it is at last. This was the look I did in the begining of June, with my then new NYX Vivids liner in Blossom. On Instagram On Instagram This was a quick look I did with two matte eyeshadows, one red in the crease, and one slightly mustardy yellow, both from an H&M quad I bought last summer. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    May Makeup And Selfie Recap 2017

    A selfie from the first of May, when I was chilling in the sun in a thick sweater – as one does. | Instagram Hey there, Friends and Enemies. I’m here again, as I said I was going to be, so it seems that I don’t have to step on my own toe today, what a relief. Though,I know that this month is almost over, and this was supposed to go up at the begging of it, but as they say, better late than never, am I right? Haha… No, serisously though, this months recap will hopefully, actully go up at the begging of July, instead of when July is almost…

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    April Makeup and Selfie Recap // Friday, 12.05.17

    A selfie I took at my grandparent’s house, that i never uploaded anywhere, though I do really like it. Can you tell what my favorite color is? My makeup was basically just eyebrows and falsies if I remember correctly. When you hair is just SO beautiful one evening, you have to take a equally as beautiful selfie, right? This day I wore black eyeliner for the first time in forever, I made a little wing that I thought would blend well with the band of a pair of eyelashes I had recently purchased. It was really weird to see my eyes with black liner, but it was fun, too. I…

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    The January Makeup & Selfie Recap // Tuesday, 14.02.17

    Heyyo, Party People! It’s been a little while since the last time, but now I’m back, back again. I wanted to do a little series where I make a little recap of my makeup-looks and seflies each month, and I guess this is the first one. I haven’t done a lot of different looks recently, or ever really, but I’m trying to venture out and do more different things, and actually take more selfies, especially when I try out something new with my makeup, so here’s to that, and I’ll talk to you soon, Almond Out.

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    Tuesday, December 27th

    Hey, my dudes! Today, I got out of bed too late, aka at 1.30 pm. I had to go grocery shopping with my dad, before he had to go to bed before work tonight. After the groceries where bought, we went to Max, so I could buy coffee and he could buy some food. We didn’t go to McDonald’s as we usually do, as the line was a bit too long and I didn’t feel like waiting. There is also a photo here of my new watch, that I had looked at before Christmas, and decided to buy for some of my Christmas money. I also ordered two things from…

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    Sunday, December 4th 2016

    Two new tubes of acrylic paint, a small canvas and a set of watercolours. A pair of fairy lights with starts, a pair of touch screens and a holiday pack of KitKats. A nails polish and a eyeshadow palette. Hey, pals! Today I am, as you can see, sharing some photos of the things I bought this past Friday, I am practicing taking staged photos, like flat lays and such, because I never really feel happy with them, but I want them to be good, so I’m practicing. I didn’t plan on buying any of these things, but I went out with my dad and he had to pick something…

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    Wednesday, 23rd of November 2016 // News From Depend

    The“Nude” palette with some swatches. The “Smoke” palette, along with the “Eye’s Star” glitter mascara. Swatches from the “Smoke” palette. A swatch of the mascara. Hi, friends! Today I am here to share some new makeup items from Depend Cosmetics that I picked up over the past week or so. I only picked up one palette to begin with, since I wanted so see how the pigmentation was, and there was no testers on display in the store. But I was really pleasantly surprised with how good quality the eyeshadows are, and they are really affordable, too! Each palette costs 39 SEK, which is a really great price. Both of the palettes have some really nice…