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Emma's latest coffee adventures

This was almost two weeks ago, I’m so late with this post. Well, anyways; This was from when my mum, two of my siblings and I went to a new café/resturant/food place in town to get Ice Cream. My mum and I also had coffee. That’s important. Yes. The day after that. That’s  ...

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I did stuff today

Earlier today, my gang and I went out for some coffee. Well, I was the only one having actual coffee, the others had a chai latte. We also got one carrot cupcake each, and they tasted awesome. After we left the cafe, we went to some other shops. I was going to buy a nail polish and a face mask,  ...

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This isn't even funny

So, this day could have started better. I forgot to take my meds this morning, so before the first class started I started to get a anxiety attack. My stepdadcame and gave me My meds, but I had to go and buy something to take the pills with, so I wouldn’t choke and throw up three times.  ...

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