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    Almond’s Latest Coffee Adventures 18.0 // Wednesday, 17.05.17

    My usual McDonald’s latte (there is literally an empty one next to me right now, no joke) and the amazing creation that is Their Temptation Ice Cream. This one in particular is a fudge one (or caramel). It’s so great, I want to eat 3000 a day. This is not a cup of coffee, it’s actually a cup of hot chocolate, that I made because I received some marshmallow candies in my Easter egg. This was one of the first time I made coffee from my french press, and I drank it while watching Undertale let’s-plays on YouTube with Eddy. The cup isn’t empty by the way, I just used a too…

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    Almond’s Life Parties 4.0 // Tuesday, 04.04.17

    Hello, friends! Today is yet another day on this planet that we call Earth, and I spent it drinking coffee. Surprising, I know. I never drink coffee…. *cough* But, I did also eat some ice cream along with my coffee, and it was a great culinary experience if I’m being honest. I also bought a new little wallet, and a candle holder which is at this very moment, sitting on a windowsill next to my bed being cute. Right now I am thinking about what kind of bag I should make out of these fabrics that I bought yesterday, I’m thinking it’s going to be another camera bag, but I…

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    This Past Week // Friday, 31.03.17

    Heyyo, party people! Here I am on this fine Friday evening, talking to you about the past week in my life. On Friday, the one a week ago, I filmed and uploaded a What’s In My Bag video, like I’ve said I was going to do at LEAST forty eleven times, just this past year alone. But I finally did it, and now you can find out what I keep with me at all times. Not as much stuff as I did when I was younger, I say youngER, since I have yet to turn 20 and is still young in most people’s eyes. But seriously, you should’ve seen me…

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    Emma’s 19th Birthday

    My birthday dinner. My birthday dessert. My birthday face. Hi there, pals! This past Sunday, on July 10th, it was my 19th birthday. I actually started this blog around my 15th birthday, so that’s quite a while. Maybe not for some people, but you can see basically all my hairstyle and just general style changes on here. On Friday I got one of my presents, which was a new sewing machine from my dad and uncle. My old one had been acting up and I actually lost a part that same day, so my dad decided it was time for an upgrade. It’s been used by a school before, so…

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    Emma’s Latest Coffee Adventures 12.0 – The Lost And Forgotten

    A Frappé and a pie from McDonald’s, back in like… July… Hi there! I have not done an ELCA since July I think, but I have had a folder with pictures ready for months, that have just been waiting to be posted, but I never got around to do it, until now. So here we have it, Emma’s Latest Coffee Adventures 12.0, the Lost and Forgotten edition. Went grocery shopping and noticed there was a new range of coffee drinks out. I obviously had to buy one and try. The Burger King coffee I drank on my dad’s birthday, I have a blog post about it here. One day, my staff wanted to…

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    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 10.0 feat Something Summery

    This was a magical day that will go down in history. I mean, I did discover two things that changed my life forever. A little bit. My dad and I was going to go to McDonald’s, but there was a lot of people there, so we decided to go to Max, which for all you non-Swedish people out there, is a hamburger chain, kind of like  McDonald’s or Burger King. And then the magical happened, they had not only onion rings, but they also sold ice lattes. I know, I know. I had to take a moment to breathe. We’ve been there quite a few times in the last few weeks, nothing I’m…

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    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 9.0 feat. Something Out of The Ordinary

    I honestly don’t even remember how long ago this was, but anyways… I had to go for a routine checkup at the dentist, because I have braces so it’s necessary. But we’re not talking about my teeth today, we’re talking about all the coffee I drink. Soo, after the dentist I got a latte (probs vanilla) and what was the first thing I ate that day, an apple and caramel muffin. It was awesome. I was having a bad day, and as we all know, the way to make my heart happy, is with coffee. So, I bought myself an ice latte. This is the first thing out of the ordinary, on…

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    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 5.0

    Some family was visiting us from another part of the country, so we had dinner at my grandparents house this past Saturday. It had also been my step cousin’s birthday, so she had a birthday party. There was normal food as well, but I was hungry so I forgot to take a picture. True life. I know there isn’t a lot of pictures this time, I have had more coffee out, but I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of it lately. I will try to get better, so I can have more stories to tell you.

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    Ice Cream and A Puppy

    This weekend(I am fully aware of the fact that it is now Thursday, and that this is sort of a bit late. Could have been worse. I have done worse.) My family(Step dad and siblings) went to our cousin’s(my step cousin) birthday party. He is now the old age of 19 and we gave him giftcards and a pack of condoms. My sister was really embarrassed, but I thought it was funny and a very thoughtful gift. I on the other hand actually had a good time. I didn’t even cry. Not even once. I didn’t even get anxious, which was good for several reasons, one of them being that…

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    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventure 3.0 feat. Cake

    On the first day of school, my friends and I went to a café for some quality coffee time. Well, I had coffee. They didn’t Wimps. My aunt turned 31 a few weeks ago, so we celebrated her birthday with the family a few days before. This weekend I decided to bake a cake. It was a good cake. I still have some left. Yay. Yesterday my dad and I went to McDonalds, and I wanted both a sundae and donut. So that’s what I got.