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    Who Doesn’t Decorate Pastries With Penises? // Wednesday, 05.04.17

    Hello, friends! Today it’s time for the photos from my sister’s first birthday party this past weekend. It was at my stepdad’s – her dad’s – house. I was going to give her her gift at this birthday party since it was on her actual birthday, but Miss Smarty Pants over here forgot it at home when they left to get in their dad’s car earlier in the day. My sister got to go get her nails done as one of her gifts, which you know I’m a little jelly off, though I got a UV-lamp with gel supplies for Christmas, and I’m slowly learning how to do my own…

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    A Spring Day With The Family // Monday, 03.04.17

    Hey there, friends! It’s a new week, and a new month. I have yet again decided to try and get at least some of my shit together, but for once I believe in myself, and maybe I’ll even make it this time. Who knows. This weekend was a busy one for me, I started my Saturday with getting out of bed ten minutes before my dad picked me up, and all I had time for was to get dressed and put my tiara on. I obviously didn’t have time to put my damn eyebrows on, even though I had a birthday party to attend. I didn’t even have time to…

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    This Past Week // Friday, 31.03.17

    Heyyo, party people! Here I am on this fine Friday evening, talking to you about the past week in my life. On Friday, the one a week ago, I filmed and uploaded a What’s In My Bag video, like I’ve said I was going to do at LEAST forty eleven times, just this past year alone. But I finally did it, and now you can find out what I keep with me at all times. Not as much stuff as I did when I was younger, I say youngER, since I have yet to turn 20 and is still young in most people’s eyes. But seriously, you should’ve seen me…

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    Isa’s 2nd Birthday // Monday, 20.03.17

    This pot stew with rice and salad was actually my breakfast… Who says you can’t have breakfast-dessert? People who are WRONG, that’s who. Two selfies of myself, and the love of my life; coffee. My sister and I. Heyyo, party people! This past weekend I attended my cousin’s 2nd birthday party, that I almost missed, because I did what yours truly does best. That’s right, I got woken up at 1.30 pm by my staff, because they where gonna do my dishes, and the birthday party started at 2.00 pm. But after a last minute change of heart I got dressed and ran out the door! I even ran into…

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    Friday Family Fun // Thursday, 16.03.17

    An Eddy in the sun. A piece from my photoshoot with my grandparents’ flowers. A fine Sandwich-cake with a small mountain of shrimps. A snazzy picture of my drink of choice; Carbonated Water. Some delicious Schwarzwald cake that was destined for destruction (the meringue and whipped cream combo may be great for your taste buds, but very hard to cut through without making a god damn mess). Heyyo, Party people! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I don’t really have an excuse, I have several posts planned, that now that I am back at it again, hopefully will go up within the near future. But if I’m honest, my depression…

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    New Years Eve // Monday, 16.01.17

    Hey, friends! Today I am finally posting the photos I have from New Years Eve, I would have some pictures of fireworks, but a grand total of 0 of the ones I took turned out good, so. My dad and I ate dinner with my grandparents and my uncle. We watched lots of things on their Chromecast that they received for Christmas, my dad and I even went out to a park to catch a Venusaur, which I did. A few days later I was even able to evolve a Bulbasaur to a Ivysaur, so now I have all three. I finally evolved a Pikachu, too, the other day. I…

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    Christmas Celebrations #3 // Sunday, 08.01.17

    Heyyo, buddies! Today I am, finally, posting the photos from Christmas Day 2016. I spent the day at my grandparents with my family, and we ate some good food, which included Brussels Sprouts, as it should, and we opened gifts. I received a big box of art supplies, and a gel nail kit, which I’ve had a lot of fun with. Today I’m gonna do my planning for the coming week, possibly continue to work on a dress, draw some things and browse the internet until 3 am, as per usual. I’ll see ya soon, party people! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube 

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    Christmas Celebration #2 // Monday, 02.01.17

    Hey bros! Here is my post for my second Christmas Celebration of 2016 AKA Christmas Eve. I started the day out with actually getting out of bed in time, shockingly, and then I went to my mum’s new house. She and my siblings moved in with her boyfriend in a new house that same week, so it was my first time vising her there. Unfortunately her lighting wasn’t very good, so I really get any good photos. But I did get some nice gifts, like a new bottle of coconut hairspray and a new tube of my favourite eyelash glue from House of Lashes, some giftcards and a cool Pokémon…

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    Christmas Celebration #1 // Friday, 30.12.16

    Hey, pals! Here are the photos from my first Christmas celebration this year, which was with my stepdad, his friend, her kids and my siblings. I received a bag from my stepdad, that was on my wishlist, that I love! I’m really happy with it. and I think I’m gonna stick with it for a while. I got a cute little giftset from The Body Shop, along with a giftcard, from my stepdad’s friend. Yesterday, I bought myself a new coconut perfume and a nail polish with the gift card. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    Monday, December 19th 2016

    Hey, friends! Yesterday I was out for some coffee, with my dad and my aunt, who was in town visiting. It was nice to see her again, since we don’t get to that often, since she doesn’t live in town anymore. I spent some of my evening playing around with the settings on my camera, therefor the two photos of my planner. Speaking of planner, I am struggling some with mine at the moment, since I can’t quite figure out what works for me, though I think I am getting there. Christmas is this week, and I am feeling very stressed and anxious, because I feel like I have three…