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    “The best drink flavours, in my humble opinon” // Winter Adventures N° 5

      Hello there, Party People! Today I am sharing a small compilation of photos from a few weeks ago, I believe. I don’t really remember, if I’m honest, cause this pal’s organization and life structure has been SLACKING. Severely. I haven’t had my sleeping pills for a few weeks, though I have them now, so my sleeping schedule has been FUCKED UP to say the least. BUT I am now trying got get my life back on track, I say back, even though my life has never been on track, if we’re being honest. I’m gonna get my planning shit together, and my sleeping shit, hopefully… But! Back to these…

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    🍂 Sunday // 19.11.17 🍂

      Hello, Party People! This past  weekend we had our bi-weekley family dinner at our mom’s house. We had tacos, with two kilos of minced meat, and corn.  Not two kilos of corn, but like, at least three corn. I took a picture of my coffee in front of the newly fallen snow, and my sister told me that no one is gonna believe I’m drinking my coffee outside anyways, which to be fair, they probably wouldn’t. That picture is on Instagram, if you wanna see it (you should look at it). My mom’s friend – the one we went to Ullared with – came over and we all had…

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    🍂 Ullared Autumn 2017 🍂

      Hello, Party People! A few weeks ago now, me and some family/family friend went to a Ullared for some – for a lot – of shopping. We started the day off at my mom’s house with some breakfast before we started our car journey. In the car we discussed things, such as if my mom and her friend is allowed to like the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons. I believe they are, though my 13-year-old sister is strongly against it. Before we arrived at our destination, we made a little stop at a clothing shop, so my sister could exchange some jeans.  She likes the ones WITHOUT rips. If…

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    👻 Saturday, 21.10.17 // Almond’s Latest Life Adventures 14.0 👻

    Hello, Party People! Yesterday I didn’t have much planned, I was going to go to to the park to play Pokémon with my dad, but we ended up spending a few hours at my grandparents’ house, we even had dinner there. We did play some Pokémon, and we caught some new ghosts, all from the comfort of my grandparents’ couch. Though, we did eventually end up at the park to catch some more Pokémons, after we quickly stopped by the supermarket. When I say we “ended up at the park”, I obviously mean we sat in the car in the parking space next to the park. To be fair it…

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    👻 Friday 20.10.17 // Almond’s Latest Life Adventures 13.0👻

    Hello, Party People! Yesterday I was at my mom’s house to celebrate my brother’s upcoming birthday. Can you believe the little baby who JUST NOW pooped on our mom in the hospital turnes 16 years old tomorrow? Cause I know I can’t. For some reason I basically just took photos of the food, so that’s what this post is. But I can tell you that I wore a neon orange dress that makes me very happy, and will take some pictures of the dress, along with some other clothing pieces in some fashion posts I have planned. See ya! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    👻 06.10.17 // Almond’s Latest Life Adventures #11 👻

    Hello, Party People! Yesterday was a day that start of on the wrong end. I’ve been without some of my medications for a little while, so my mood hasn’t been on top. Talking hurts more than usual and I can’t really seem to sleep properly. I keep walking up in the early hours from anxiety filled dreams, which was the case yesterday morning. After I took my medication I went back to sleep and dozed off for a couple more hours before I woke up and decided it was time to get out of bed. I later on called my dad and we decided to go to the park to…

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    👻 Almond’s Latest Life Adventures 10.0 // Franc’s 2nd Birthday 👻

    Hello Party People! As I said in my previous post, a few weeks ago, I attended two birthday parties for two of my cousins, from two separate parts of my family tree. On Sunday we celebrated my little cousin Franc’s 2nd birthday. I also mentioned – I believe – that I wanted to paint some pictures for my cousins, and since I knew that I Franc LOVES Cars, so obviously I painted him a watercolor Lightning McQueen, which I did while watching Harry Potter.  It is always nice to see my family, and catch up with the little ones. Franc eagerly opened his birthday presents, with some help from his big brother, and…

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    🍂 Almond’s Latest Life Adventures 9.0 // Max’s 5th Birthday 🍂

    Hello, Party People! A little while ago I had a weekend filled with birthday parties. Well, there were two birthday parties, since that’s typically how long a weekend is. On Saturday I was with my mom’s side of the family, and we celebrated my little cousin who just turned five, and my uncle who turned a year older. I had a plan to paint a little something for my cousins’ birthdays, but since I didn’t really know what Max likes, I waited until after his birthday party to start his painting, but now I do know, I just have to finish it. If you were wondering, he likes Super Mario…

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    🍂 Celebrating Grandma’s 70th Birthday 🍂

    Hello Party People! About two weeks ago, my family and I – including my uncle’s and cousins – gathered together to have a nice dinner to celebrate my grandma’s 70th birthday which just passed. It was really nice, and I even tried to vlog that weekend, which will hopefully go up on my YouTube channel next week. I didn’t take that many pictures, both because of the vlogging and because I was just a little caught up in the moment the entire night. But I had a lot of fun, we had a three course meal and coffee, and then we played a charade-esque game, which was so much fun.…

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    🍂 A 20th Birthday Celebration 3.0 🍂

    Hello, Party People! A few weeks ago, I had dinner at my stepdad’s house, since we hadn’t been able to celebrate my birthday with him yet. Earlier that day I had been with my dad and my grandparents on one of our little adventures to a second hand store. I bought a cute little butterfly pin, which has been shown on my Instagram. After that we went to some “normal” retail stores, incluing a fabric store, where I bought some things for a new project that is almost finished, so stay tuned for a blogpost and possible video when it’s finished. I had a lot of fun at my stepdad’s…