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    A Day Full Of Sweetness

    Hi there, friends! My day started out with my dad, my grandparents and I went out to a market. I bought some things, including a bunch of safety-pins and gem-stickers. I also bought a…

    July 27, 2016
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    Emma’s 19th Birthday

    My birthday dinner. My birthday dessert. My birthday face. Hi there, pals! This past Sunday, on July 10th, it was my 19th birthday. I actually started this blog around my 15th birthday, so that’s…

    July 12, 2016
  • @[Lifestyle]

    A Birthday Party & A Dinner

    A berry nice birthday cake. I’m sorry… This Saturday I went to my uncle’s 45th birthday party with my family, and later on I visited my stepdad and ate dinner there. I had to…

    February 22, 2016
  • @[Lifestyle]

    Two Birthdays, One Day

    About a week ago, my stepdad, siblings and I went to two birthday parties in one day. That meant, food twice, coffee and dessert twice, and most importantly, lots of dogs. I tried to…

    February 13, 2016
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    A Family Dinner

    This weekend, I went over to my mum’s house, to just hang out s little bit, and I ended up joining her, her boyfriend and my siblings for the three-course dinner they had planned.…

    February 2, 2016
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    First Birhtday Party Of The Year

    A week ago my stepdad had his birthday party, and I forgot to take pictures of anything but the food. I mostly sat and talked with people though, so there wasn’t really much to…

    January 30, 2016
  • @[Coffee & Co]

    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 5.0

    Some family was visiting us from another part of the country, so we had dinner at my grandparents house this past Saturday. It had also been my step cousin’s birthday, so she had a birthday…

    March 3, 2015
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    Celebrating my sister

    LOOK GUYS! Actual proper pictures of stuff. I do apologize that there is only pictures of food, if you don’t like that stuff! But we had a family party for my sister today, the…

    April 5, 2014