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    A Newly Made Bag // Thursday, 23.02.17

    Hello, friends! I told you in my last post that I spent this past weekend making a bag, and that I was going to show it to you in my next post. So, here I am, actually keeping my word! I sewed all the seams by hand, which is why they are not perfect, I have yet to master that technique. Though, I have to say, I kind of like it like this. The bag is made out of a slightly metallic silver faux leather, that I got a piece off at my local fabric shop. It was in a bin with large scarps of fabric for really cheap, and…

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    A Somewhat Delayed Birthday Post

    Around this time a week ago, my family and I celebrated my mum’s birthday. I have been meaning to make this post since then, but I’ve kept pushing it forward, think to myself “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but then tomorrow came, and I said the same thing again. I wouldn’t say that it’s been a bad week, it’s been an average one, I haven’t been feeling noticeably worse than usual, but I also haven’t really done anything at all. I was at the dentist, or is orthodontist? It was a regular check-up for my braces, so I’m fairly sure it’s the later, though we do generally refer to everything as…

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    Emma’s Sewing Adventures 1.0 – The Blue Dress

    Hey there Earthlings! Today I am here with a post about my latest sewing adventure, which was this blue dress (I’m going to make a little info page about my different “Adventures” series). It is made from a solid blue fabric I bought at Ikea this past summer, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it until December, which is when I initially started working on it. I started cutting out the pieces for the top, and I started sewing them together, but then I had some troubles with my sewing machine, that are now fixed, and I put the project away for a while until a few weeks…

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    Wine and Petals

    So, here is the new dress that I made. I really like, even though it is a bit difficult to both take on and off, but that’s life sometimes. It’s not a 100 % perfect, and I can see somethings I could have done differently, but I’m still learning and getting better each time.

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    Pink Roses

      I know it’s been a month since I did my first outfit post and I said I was going to do more. But everyone has to start somewhere, right? Right. Anyways, I wanted to show you this skirt for a while, ever since I made it a few months ago. I really like it and yes it has two different fabrics. Not that you asked, but I’m answering before hand, in case you where going to.

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    Layers of Skirts

    As I said a few days ago, I recently went to Ikea, which resultet in not just a few too many scented candles, but also a bit of new fabric. One of those fabrics was a soft tullish fabric that I’ve used some of to make a shorter simple pettiecoat. It was something that I’ve wanted for quite a while, since I love big, puffy skirts. I have quite a bit left, so I know I will make another one using the same techique, just longer. I also made a simple skater skirt, since I wanted something nice to have over my new petticoat.

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    Pastel, Glitter and Lace

      This past week I’ve started to redo my room and that included reorganizing my make up. I decided, instead of just buying containers and stuff, I could make some on my own. This is what I came up with. I used some plain paper boxes and I painted them with both acrylic paint(I think) and some glitter hobby paint. After that I glued on some lace and in the first box I made some deviders from the lid of the box and some scrapbocking cards we had laying around. Later on today, my stepdad and I is also going to ikea to buy some more stuff for my room.

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    I made a thing again. Yay me.

    What did she make this time? If you guessed a collar, made out of ribbon, lace and some pastel fabric, along with some D-rings, plastic jewels, super glue and a sweing machine, then you guessed right. Spot on actually. I made this a week or two ago, it’s a bit blurry if I’m going to be honest. But I like it. I’ve worn it a lot. Yay me.  

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    Red and gold

    I’ve made another dress. A red one this time. It’s a bit longer than the dresses I usually wear, but I like it. I actually had to glue the last seam, cause my sewing machine is completely fucked at the moment. Will have to fix that.