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    🍂 The First Holiday Decor of the Year 🍂

    A couple of weeks FINALLY started to sell Christmas decorations. I say finally, bcause according to me, the holiday season starts as soon as the first leaf falls. “Almond, isn’t that a little soon?” I hear you say, and the answer to that is no. NO. In this house we don’t take the Christmas decorations out. Chistmas is a lifestyle, not a season, and you know damn well that 10 year old Almond listened to Christmas music in July. That’s how it is. But these were the first decorations i bought this season, and they’re more “winter decorations” than straight up “Christmas”, which means they can stay up all year…

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    A 1st Advent Christmas Parade

    Yesterday there was a Christmas parade in town, they have it every year, and have had for as long as I can remember. This year my dad and I didn’t watch the actual parade, but instead we went to some of the lotteries they had. I won a packet of napkins(exciting) and my dad won a pillow, that I’m keeping. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook