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    The Days In Between // Tuesday, 10.01.17

    Hey, friends! These are some photos of what I got up to during the days in between  Christmas and New Years. I played some with my new art supplies, and I’ve drawn a lot this year, already, mostly just doodles, but I am having a lot if fun, and today I even finished my Charizard drawing, for my #pokedoodleswalmond series, which I have been putting off for months, but now I think I’m done with is, so hopefully I’ll get my photos up on the gram this week. I’ve also been drinking lots of coffee, obviously, and I bought some things for myself. A few of those are showed in…

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    Christmas Celebrations #3 // Sunday, 08.01.17

    Heyyo, buddies! Today I am, finally, posting the photos from Christmas Day 2016. I spent the day at my grandparents with my family, and we ate some good food, which included Brussels Sprouts, as it should, and we opened gifts. I received a big box of art supplies, and a gel nail kit, which I’ve had a lot of fun with. Today I’m gonna do my planning for the coming week, possibly continue to work on a dress, draw some things and browse the internet until 3 am, as per usual. I’ll see ya soon, party people! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube 

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    Sunday, December 4th 2016

    Two new tubes of acrylic paint, a small canvas and a set of watercolours. A pair of fairy lights with starts, a pair of touch screens and a holiday pack of KitKats. A nails polish and a eyeshadow palette. Hey, pals! Today I am, as you can see, sharing some photos of the things I bought this past Friday, I am practicing taking staged photos, like flat lays and such, because I never really feel happy with them, but I want them to be good, so I’m practicing. I didn’t plan on buying any of these things, but I went out with my dad and he had to pick something…

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    Sunday, 16th of October 2016 // The Blanket Cape

    Hi there, pals! I posted a photo on Instagram the other week about a new project I was starting, which was making a cape coat out of a blanket and some fabric. I ended up using another fabric than I intended, because the other one didn’t work out, but I’m very happy with the end result. It has three functional buttons at the top, for closing the cape – obviously – and two decorative buttons under the arm holes to cover up and/or distract from the seams there. I also used a faux fur collar that was originally on another coat I owned, but didn’t use, since I did not…

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    Saturday, 24th of September 2016 // #pokedoodleswalmond 1.0

    Hey there, pals! Today I am showing you the three first ‘doodles’ in my #pokedoodleswalmond series I am doing on my Instagram, along with some behind the scenes photos. The first ‘doodle’, then one of Bulbasaur, did genuinely start out as a 2-minute doodle, but then when I did the one of Yvysaur, I started a more complicated process, that evolved along with Yvy, when I did Venusaur. I am right now in the process of doing the rough sketch of Charmander, but it is just not turning out like I want it to. I’m on my third one, and every one of them just looks off, somehow. I don’t…

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    Sunday, 18th of September 2016 // Franc’s 1st Birthday

    Hi, friends! This past week one of my cousins (two, if I’m being correct) had a birthday, and he turned 1 year old. I think it’s kind of odd when you think about kids, especially those you’re somewhat close with, that it feels like they’ve always been around, even though they haven’t been around for long at all. This week I started a new project, which is called #pokedoodleswalmond and is a series of Pokémon drawing I’m doing on Instagram. Right now there are only two up, and I’m going to do them in the order they appear in the Pokédex, but I’m also planning on doing some of the…

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    A Day With Family

    A couple of days ago, my dad and I visited my aunt, and her family. We talked and ate food together and had a nice time. We talked some about Pokémon GO, and I really want to play, because hello? Pokémon? Sign me the fuck up. But, it just wont let me log in, or make an account, and it’s really pissing me off. I guess I have to stick to watching the show, and work on my Pokémon inspired dresses and paintings. And cry. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble | Etsy  

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    Emma’s Sewing Adventures 1.0 – The Blue Dress

    Hey there Earthlings! Today I am here with a post about my latest sewing adventure, which was this blue dress (I’m going to make a little info page about my different “Adventures” series). It is made from a solid blue fabric I bought at Ikea this past summer, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it until December, which is when I initially started working on it. I started cutting out the pieces for the top, and I started sewing them together, but then I had some troubles with my sewing machine, that are now fixed, and I put the project away for a while until a few weeks…

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    Cloudy Skies

    Yesterday I painted my nails with a new shade of pastel blue, and discovered it was the perfect colour to paint a sky. So I added some clouds and called it a day(that is almost funny). And also, I do realise that I have topcoat all over my fingers, I didn’t realise this yesterday when I took the picture, but I do now. Oh, well.  

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    Shopping level 3000

      Yesterday me and some family went to a bigass retail store a while away from or town, and we ate and did some great shopping. In the last two pictures you can see some of the things I bought, but since we all know me by now, we also know there is more. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll show you one day.