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    Get Ready With Me – The Forgotten Files

    Hi there, my pals! I posted this video on YouTube, a while ago, but I’ve forgotten to post about it on here. Though, “forgotten” is probably the wrong word, I more procrastinated making this post, for no real reason. I haven’t really done much since then. My family’s cat has moved in with me, and he’s enjoying it here. He gets to be outside more, and when he’s not outside adventuring in the park, he’s inside sleeping. He seems happy though, and I’m very happy to have him. I don’t know what I was doing before I had a cat, and I feel like I’ll never be able to be…

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    A Day With Family

    A couple of days ago, my dad and I visited my aunt, and her family. We talked and ate food together and had a nice time. We talked some about Pokémon GO, and I really want to play, because hello? Pokémon? Sign me the fuck up. But, it just wont let me log in, or make an account, and it’s really pissing me off. I guess I have to stick to watching the show, and work on my Pokémon inspired dresses and paintings. And cry. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble | Etsy  

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    Nordens Ark – Class Trip 2.0

    A flower in one of the enclosures.  My friends looking into the same enclosure. A selfie taken while we were grilling hot dogs. Hey there, my buddies! Today I’m here with the second set of photos from our trip to Nordens Ark. First post here. We walked around looking at all the different animals for a while, and we also stopped for some snacks on the way. I don’t have that many pictures, since my camera died in the middle of everything and the pictures I took on my phone are mostly selfies, though I have this Instagram post of the view from where we ate our snacks. Later on, after we…

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    Nordens Ark – Class Trip 1.0

    My friends at lunch. Me at lunch. A very flattering, 100 % serious selfie I took at lunch. I was doing a peace sign, which has been my go-to pose since I was 12. It’s not a serious pose anymore, though. Thank god. Some flowers that I found somewhere, I’m pretty sure they where standing outside the hotel. A Maned Wolf. An Amur Leopard. A couple of weeks ago my class and I went on a trip to a place in Sweden called Nordens Ark, which is roughly translated to The Nordic Ark, which for us, the visitors I mean, a kind of zoo, but they are also a foundation that gives endangered…

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    Visiting My Aunt & Her Cats

    My aunt’s boyfriend’s cat. Yesterday my dad and I went to visit my aunt and her boyfriend, because my dad needed help with his computer. We stayed over for dinner and chatted quite a bit, which was fun. I tried to take some pictures of their cats, but only the pictures of one of them turned out good. I sneaked up on her while she laid on the on the bed, and I got a few nice pictures of her. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble

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    Another Weekend, Another Birthday Party

    This weekend, I attended another birthday party. I know there has been a lot of those recently, and to be honest, there is more to come. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I’ve been pretty bad at posting regularly this year, but I’m trying to get back into my old routine of posting every other day. But yes, the birthday party. This time it was my step cousin, who just turned 15. He’s born in the same year as my brother, in 2001. I told someone I know who has worked in both of the housings I’ve lived in that my (oldest) brother is turning 15 this October and…

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    Two Birthdays, One Day

    About a week ago, my stepdad, siblings and I went to two birthday parties in one day. That meant, food twice, coffee and dessert twice, and most importantly, lots of dogs. I tried to take some pictures of the dogs, but they move around a lot and I am apparently the only person who likes to have the lights on. I am also the most awkward person in the history of awkward people, and I’m to scared to play with the dogs when there is people around, especially if there is people around that I don’t know that well. It’s truly awful, because I yell “HI PUPPY” in my head every time…

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    A Walk – Animals and Creatures

    So, this post is going to be the second and last post about the walk we took last week. This time it’s time for all the cute farm animals. Just a warning, this post is going to be quite a long one, because I took a lot of photos of the animals, and I couldn’t choose just a few. And I still have a  few ones left on my camera.  Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest

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    Ice Cream and A Puppy

    This weekend(I am fully aware of the fact that it is now Thursday, and that this is sort of a bit late. Could have been worse. I have done worse.) My family(Step dad and siblings) went to our cousin’s(my step cousin) birthday party. He is now the old age of 19 and we gave him giftcards and a pack of condoms. My sister was really embarrassed, but I thought it was funny and a very thoughtful gift. I on the other hand actually had a good time. I didn’t even cry. Not even once. I didn’t even get anxious, which was good for several reasons, one of them being that…