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    🍂 Celebrating Grandma’s 70th Birthday 🍂

    Hello Party People! About two weeks ago, my family and I – including my uncle’s and cousins – gathered together to have a nice dinner to celebrate my grandma’s 70th birthday which just passed. It was really nice, and I even tried to vlog that weekend, which will hopefully go up on my YouTube channel next week. I didn’t take that many pictures, both because of the vlogging and because I was just a little caught up in the moment the entire night. But I had a lot of fun, we had a three course meal and coffee, and then we played a charade-esque game, which was so much fun.…

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    🍂 Almond’s Latest Life Adventures 8.0 // Eddy Edition 🍂

    Hello there, Party People! Today I am showing you all some of the latest photos that I have taken of my cat, Eddy. I have a lot of pictures of him, and he even has his own Instagram page – I know, I’m one of those people – though, it’snot updated as often as I wish it was, simply because I forget to post the pictures I take of him. But I am going to make more of an effort not only with his Instagram, but with my online presence in general, cause I have so much stuff I wanna post and that just never gets posted because I push…

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    🍂 Looking At Harry Potter Memes 🍂

    From the description box: Hello, Party People! I know the lighting and/or the overall quality isn’t perfect, since I am still trying to figure out the best way for me to record at home, and how to use my camera to it’s full extent. BUT I am having fun with both filming and editing which is the most important part. I also know that I have terrible posture, and that my nose highlight isn’t blended properly thnx bye. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    🍂 A 20th Birthday Celebration 3.0 🍂

    Hello, Party People! A few weeks ago, I had dinner at my stepdad’s house, since we hadn’t been able to celebrate my birthday with him yet. Earlier that day I had been with my dad and my grandparents on one of our little adventures to a second hand store. I bought a cute little butterfly pin, which has been shown on my Instagram. After that we went to some “normal” retail stores, incluing a fabric store, where I bought some things for a new project that is almost finished, so stay tuned for a blogpost and possible video when it’s finished. I had a lot of fun at my stepdad’s…

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    ♡ a 20th birthday celebartion ♡ 2.0 ♡

    Hello, Party People! I’ve mentioned a few times that it was my birthday in July (did I mention; IT WAS MY BIRTHD… *cough* sorry, I’ll calm down…) and last weekend my brother and I, who also leveled up in age in July, had a little birthday part at our mom’s house with our family and relatives. It was a lot of fun and we had food and cake, and coffee, of course. Though I had to take my photos on my mom’s phone, cause my camera had surprisingly low battery and wouldn’t start, and my phone’s camera isn’t great. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    Flowers In July ♡ 1.0

    Hello Party People! This series, which will probably be a pretty long one – considering how many photos I have from this day – is from when my dad, my grandparents and I went on one of our adventures, in which we this time – along other things – went to a big flower/plant/general interior design store, and I took A LOT of photos, and some video clips, which may or may not end up on YouTube. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    A 20th Birthday Celebration ♡ 1.0

    Hello, Party People! As you may know, last month I turned 20! This year my celebrations have been/will be a little scattered, and this past Sunday I celebrated me getting one year older with most of family on my dad’s side. Today I celebrated with some more of that family, and this weekend I will be celebrating with my family on my mom’s side. So, prepare yoursleves for some more birthday posts! We held my celebration at my uncle’s house, and he had been kind enough to smoke some salmon, which was great. I even got to bring food home with me! He and his family had just gotten home…

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    Street Food Festival 2017 ♡ 1.0

    Hello there, party people! This year our town had a Street Food festival again, and my dad and I had a little look around it on two of the days that they were here. These pictures are from the first day, which was on Wednesday, when we had some food, I bought some soaps, and I ran into my step dad and ate some of his fries. The first thing we did when we arrived to town was to take a look around to see what and who was there this year. I immediately found the soap stand and got a little too caught up. I did buy some soaps and…

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    The Days of The Fall ♡ 2.0 The Video

    From the description box: Hello there, friends and enemies. This is a little vlog/just clips that I filmed when I was away on a little adventure a few weeks ago. There is a blogpost up with some photos from the adventure, and there will be a few more within the coming weeks, as well. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube