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    🍂 Looking At Harry Potter Memes 🍂

    From the description box: Hello, Party People! I know the lighting and/or the overall quality isn’t perfect, since I am still trying to figure out the best way for me to record at home, and how to use my camera to it’s full extent. BUT I am having fun with both filming and editing which is the most important part. I also know that I have terrible posture, and that my nose highlight isn’t blended properly thnx bye. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    The Days of The Fall ♡ 2.0 The Video

    From the description box: Hello there, friends and enemies. This is a little vlog/just clips that I filmed when I was away on a little adventure a few weeks ago. There is a blogpost up with some photos from the adventure, and there will be a few more within the coming weeks, as well. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    A Pre-Midsummer Affordable Makeup Haul

      I filmed this a few weeks ago, and it unfortunately took me awhile to get around to edit it, and I was supposed to get this up yesterday, but some things got in the way. Excuses, excuses… I couldn’t get the swatches and close up into the video, but there will be a blogpost with them up – hopefully – tomorrow, and I will link it here when it is! So check back then if you’re interested 🙂 Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    I Have Friends! // Monday, 22.05.17

    From Description: This weekend I met up with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, and I decided to try and make a little vlog, not just take pictures for my blog. Though, McSmartypants over here forgot to put the battery back in their camera after charging it. SO, I had to try to film and take photos on my phone, which is not my prefered way to do it, since I am one of those people, who still has a fucking iPhone 4, so the camera isn’t the best. But I made it work, and next time I just have to use my brain and remember to…

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    Are These Rejected Fastfood Slogans Actually Quite Good? // Monday, 15.05.17

    From the video description: Sometimes things on the internet are made up, but still very funny, that’s what we learn when ya pal Almond takes a Buzzfeed quiz about “rejected” fastfood slogans. Sidenote, I know the quality isn’t 100, the lighting wasn’t great and I think I messed something up while editing, which is also the reason the quiz window is a little out of sync at the end. I am obviously very new at editing, and I am not very good yet. I also would’ve redone the part where it’s out of sync, but McSmartypants over here deleted the footage before I actually watched the video. But I still…

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    This Past Week // Friday, 31.03.17

    Heyyo, party people! Here I am on this fine Friday evening, talking to you about the past week in my life. On Friday, the one a week ago, I filmed and uploaded a What’s In My Bag video, like I’ve said I was going to do at LEAST forty eleven times, just this past year alone. But I finally did it, and now you can find out what I keep with me at all times. Not as much stuff as I did when I was younger, I say youngER, since I have yet to turn 20 and is still young in most people’s eyes. But seriously, you should’ve seen me…