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    Sunday, December 4th 2016

    Two new tubes of acrylic paint, a small canvas and a set of watercolours. A pair of fairy lights with starts, a pair of touch screens and a holiday pack of KitKats. A nails polish and a eyeshadow palette. Hey, pals! Today I am, as you can see, sharing some photos of the things I bought this past Friday, I am practicing taking staged photos, like flat lays and such, because I never really feel happy with them, but I want them to be good, so I’m practicing. I didn’t plan on buying any of these things, but I went out with my dad and he had to pick something…

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    Tuesday 15th of November 2016

    Hi friends! I said a while ago that I was going to make a post about my new shoes, and here I am, making that post! I bought these shoes basically new and barley used from a local second hand shop. The shoe laces are from a sports shop that I went to with my dad, and you all know that everything I own has to sparkle, so I didn’t even hesitate to buy them. Though, I do need new inlays, because my feet and/or ankles are angled weirdly, so I wear out the soles unevenly. See you soon, bye! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    Friday, 21st of October 2016 // Sweater Weather

    Lidl Second Hand Lidl Lidl Second Hand Second Hand Hi, there, friends! Today I am showing you my most recent clothing purchases, which is a few sweaters, since that’s what I have been enjoying wearing recently, especially with my cape. I’m from now on gonna try my hardest to not buy anymore clothes, this season/year, except for possibly some more over-the-knee socks that I want, and necessities that may possibly show up, like underwear. I will still allow myself to sew new clothes, and possibly buy something if I really, really, want it. Though, I’m gonna try to be good, and hopefully clear out my closet, too, and get rid…

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    Sunday, 16th of October 2016 // The Blanket Cape

    Hi there, pals! I posted a photo on Instagram the other week about a new project I was starting, which was making a cape coat out of a blanket and some fabric. I ended up using another fabric than I intended, because the other one didn’t work out, but I’m very happy with the end result. It has three functional buttons at the top, for closing the cape – obviously – and two decorative buttons under the arm holes to cover up and/or distract from the seams there. I also used a faux fur collar that was originally on another coat I owned, but didn’t use, since I did not…

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    Monday, 10th of October 2016

    Hi, friends! Today is Monday, which means it was time for my weekly grocery shopping with my dad, but before he arrived I played around some with my camera, and took some outfit photos. I realized last week that I can use my phone as a remote control for my camera by taking the photos through the Nikon WMU app on my phone. I did already know about that tool, since I’ve had my camera and the app for over a year, but it didn’t really click that I could do that. I’ve experimented a lot more with both photos and editing recently, trying to figure out some different things…

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    Wednesday, 28th of September 2016 // The Cardholder

    Hi there, buddioes! A few weeks ago, I was at a interior design/furniture store with my dad, and he found this table matt, that is in the same faux-reptile-leather-look that my bag was, and remembered that I had talked about attempting to make a cardholder, but not being able to really get it right. What I’m trying to tell you, with my story, is that I made a cardholder out of a table matt. I searched on the world wide interwebs for a pattern, or some kind of tutorial, since I wanted to get it right this time, and I found this pattern, and used it as a guide, but…

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    Black Snake, Pink Fluff

    Hi there, my dudes! Last week I decided to buy myself a new bag. I wanted something structured, but not too big, since I try my best nowadays to not carry around everything I own in my bag. I was out looking around some shops in town, and I found this bag in H&M and I fell in love! It’s made out of black (faux) reptile leather, and has a blush (also faux) fur-ball attached to it. It has gold hardware and a long strap, as well as a single top handle. I have tied a pink scarf around the top handle, that I bought from Lush, from their gift…

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    Emma’s Outfit Adventures 5.0 – And The Rain, It Came Too Soon

    This is me when I realized I was out of frame and had to run in front of the camera before the shutter went off. Hey there my dudes, my buddies, my pals… Today I got out of bed at 2 pm, as per usual. I really do need to get better at not sleeping until The Normals™ go to bed. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I highly doubt that normal people go to bed at 2 pm. I also don’t stay up that late, I’m usually trying to sleep at around 2 am, which I know is pretty late but that’s still not an excuse for me to…

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    Emma’s Outfit Adventures 5.0 – Birthday Parties Done & Finished

    Hey there again! These pictures were taken right after I got home from my third birthday party this weekend. Two of them were for my sister, who turned 12 yesterday, and the other one, which wasn’t actually a proper birthday party, it was more of a casual celebration while my family did some garden work, and I held my little cousin. But this post is about my outfit, the birthday party posts can wait. I’m wearing the same leggings as in this post, and my flannel is from Ica’s mens wear line. My skirt, which is actually supposed to be a dress, I bought second hand, still with the tags on at…

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    Emma’s Sewing Adventures 1.0 – The Blue Dress

    Hey there Earthlings! Today I am here with a post about my latest sewing adventure, which was this blue dress (I’m going to make a little info page about my different “Adventures” series). It is made from a solid blue fabric I bought at Ikea this past summer, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it until December, which is when I initially started working on it. I started cutting out the pieces for the top, and I started sewing them together, but then I had some troubles with my sewing machine, that are now fixed, and I put the project away for a while until a few weeks…