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    A Spring Day With The Family // Monday, 03.04.17

    Hey there, friends! It’s a new week, and a new month. I have yet again decided to try and get at least some of my shit together, but for once I believe in myself, and maybe I’ll even make it this time. Who knows. This weekend was a busy one for me, I started my Saturday with getting out of bed ten minutes before my dad picked me up, and all I had time for was to get dressed and put my tiara on. I obviously didn’t have time to put my damn eyebrows on, even though I had a birthday party to attend. I didn’t even have time to…

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    Saturday, September 10th 2016

    Hi, friends! Yesterday, my staff and I cleaned my apartment, which is something I’ve been meaning to do, but never really got around to do. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I have very little energy, and cleaning has always been very difficult for me. But now it’s done, and I’m gonna try my best to keep it tidy. I still have a couple of things that need to be organized, but that is something I enjoy doing, and it will be much easier now that the rest of my place is tidy. Today, my dad and I went out for coffee, and also stopped by my grandparent’s…

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    Long Time, No See

    Last week was not very good for me. I was out of one of my medications, and I kept forgetting to renew my prescription, which resulted in the week being a hell for me. Not only did I barley get any sleep, but I had some really intense mood swings and I couldn’t stop crying and yelling and then all of the sudden be fine again for a while. But I have them now, and I’m sleeping better. I’m still really struggling with going to school, I’m on a part time permitted sick leave, but I still find it difficult to even get there at all. I keep telling myself…

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    From The Week That Has Past

    Another week has past, and I, once again, haven’t really done anything. I did talk about the few things I did actually do in my last post, so I won’t talk about that too much, but the first four photos in this post is of some of the flowers outside of the flower shop that I talked about. Yesterday I made myself an iced latte for the first time in forever, and it turned out great. I’ve also started on one of the sewing projects I talked about, which is a planner pouch. I will probably share it in a post when it’s done. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |…

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    Couple of Flowers & A Rainbow

    Today’s Saturday. Another day spent doing nothing. Not because I don’t want to, but I always lack the motivation and energy to even get out of bed before one in the afternoon. Today I got up at two. It’s my mum’s birthday, but we celebarted her yesterday, so I haven’t seen her today. I’ve started cathing up on Supernatural again, I’m watching season 1o right now, which is where I left off around a year ago, at that point I had watched every aired episode at least once. I even cooked real food today, which rarley happens anymore, which is bad, I know, but I have no motivation to eat…

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    Throwback Photo Gallery 2015-16 4.0

    I wasn’t planning on posting the last part of my throwback series today, but I’m behind of my posting schedule, and I most likely have a fever, and I didn’t leave my bed until 5.30 PM today, so I have not have time to prepare another post. Excuses aside, I am now posting the last part of this series, and maybe I have a new one coming at some point this spring, and I’ll most likely post a “real” post this weekend. See you soon! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube Redbubble