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    Red and gold

    I’ve made another dress. A red one this time. It’s a bit longer than the dresses I usually wear, but I like it. I actually had to glue the last seam, cause my sewing machine is completely fucked at the moment. Will have to fix that.

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    Black, White & Floral

    I started to make this dress a while ago, and then I just didn’t continue until this week and today I finished it. I made it in a canvas-like material and It’s a bit bodycony (yes, it’s a word now) in the front, and a lot “bigger” at the back. It skirt was supposed to be big all the way around, but my thoughts where wrong when I did the measurements on the fabrics, so I did it like this instead. The cut on the front is pretty high and on the back it’s low with some crochet lace tying it together. I really enjoy sewing and I’m trying to…

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    Oh look more rings!

            Here we have the rings, I’ve made all of them, except for the last one (the one above with the big stone) that my little sister made for me. I love it! I can’t make that many at one time because I’m allergic to nickel, so I get an allergisk reaction after a while (obviously). But I usualy don’t react when I have them on, because I have clear nailpolish on before I put them on, so the rings don’t lose it’s colour and you don’t get green fingers and stuff like that.