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    My 18th Birthday

    Yesterday was the day. I turned 18. I’m an adult now. Kind of. Not really. I still don’t know how taxes work and I can’t drive. But I do drink coffee, and i have moved out of my parents house, o that’s something. Yesterday we had a drop-in kind of birthday party. We had coffee and cakes, so everyone could eat and drink when they came. From the most part of my mother’s and stepdad’s side of the family I got a new camera, which I’m very excited about. I’m going to put a lot more effort into my blogging, and I’m planning to make some more YouTube videos soon…

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    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 10.0 feat Something Summery

    This was a magical day that will go down in history. I mean, I did discover two things that changed my life forever. A little bit. My dad and I was going to go to McDonald’s, but there was a lot of people there, so we decided to go to Max, which for all you non-Swedish people out there, is a hamburger chain, kind of like  McDonald’s or Burger King. And then the magical happened, they had not only onion rings, but they also sold ice lattes. I know, I know. I had to take a moment to breathe. We’ve been there quite a few times in the last few weeks, nothing I’m…

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    Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup – A Review

    Today I’m here with the completing review for my Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup First Impression.  So, while I do really enjoy this coffee syrup, I wish it tasted more. I’ve used it to add some extra taste to my vanilla cappuccino from my capsule machine, since I wanted some more vanilla to it. I have used it in other coffee drinks as well, no cold ones unfortunately, but I have made coffee and added some hot milk, and also vanilla syrup. The thing is, I feel like you need a lot of syrup added to a drink with lots of milk for it to taste like I want it too. But,…

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    Another Birthday Party

    Another week, another birthday party. This time we celebrated my uncle and his girlfriend. We had a small taste-test for the best pickled pepperoncini. I’m almost certain that was the kind of pepper we ate, but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, soo. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest | Polyvore

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    Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 9.0 feat. Something Out of The Ordinary

    I honestly don’t even remember how long ago this was, but anyways… I had to go for a routine checkup at the dentist, because I have braces so it’s necessary. But we’re not talking about my teeth today, we’re talking about all the coffee I drink. Soo, after the dentist I got a latte (probs vanilla) and what was the first thing I ate that day, an apple and caramel muffin. It was awesome. I was having a bad day, and as we all know, the way to make my heart happy, is with coffee. So, I bought myself an ice latte. This is the first thing out of the ordinary, on…

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    This Friday, we celebrated midsummer here in Sweden, and as you do on midsummer, we made flower crowns. So we went out in our little park we have nearby (like, the park is pretty much my garden), and picked some flowers. We also ate strawberries and ice cream, but the pictures weren’t any good, so you’re gonna have to do with the ones of the flowers and the park. And one of me in my flower crown, obviously. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest 

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    A Third Birthday

    Last weekend, one of my little cousins turned three, and we celebrated that with a birthday party a few days later. I’ve been meaning to make this post for days now, but because I’m terrible at life in general, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But, here we are, finally. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest

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    Saturnus Vanilla Syrup – A First Impressions

    Today I will be doing a first impression post for this Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup. I found this in my local Ica Maxi grocery store, and it’s made by a Swedish Brewery, called Saturnus, and they also make alcoholic beverages. I know this particular because I went on their website and and they said I had to be 25 to enter their website because it had information about alcoholic beverages, but since I am only human, a human who’s interest in drinks is limited to sparkling water and coffee, I lied (I’m so sorry).  When it comes to coffee syrup, they make around six different kinds overall, such as Caramel and Chai,…