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    This isn't even funny

    So, this day could have started better. I forgot to take my meds this morning, so before the first class started I started to get a anxiety attack. My stepdadcame and gave me My meds, but I had to go and buy something to take the pills with, so I wouldn’t choke and throw up three times. Here’s a shocker, I bought a latte. When I came back to school I toke the pills and I spent the first class calming the fuck down and breathing. I’m still trying to calm down, but I’m better now:)

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    I'm not dead!

      I could be tough, school started today. Tomorrow and on Wednesday we’ll be having  collaboration exercises. No. I do not approve of this at all. I will die or someone else will. Ok, maybe not, but I think you get my point. I don’y wanna do it.

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    Where have I been all day?

    I have not been home(obviously). No but seriously, when I left earlier I did not expect to be gone for this long. Long story short; I went to a psychologist, who decided that I should go to the psychiatric emergency room and there I was until two hours ago. I’ll probably tell you the longer story some other time. “Hey, Emma. Did you take that really crapy picture with your iPod because you’re lazy?”  Yes. That’s always the answer.

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    The reason that the video isn’t up yet is not because I’m too fucking lazy to edit the video(shocker, I know) it’s actually because I’ve downloaded three different editing programs and only one of them works, but it leaves a watermark unless you pay, witch I’m not going to do. But never the less, I will try to get the video up as soon as possible, promise:)

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    I'm Back Once Again

      I just came back from my dad’s house and I’ve had really slow internet the whole weekend. I’m thinking about making a video, because I actually did things this weekend. But first I’m gonna take a shower and have fun with that. I’m not sure what I meant with that, but it’s not what you thought.

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    Oh My God I Bought Things

      I almost forgot my phone and my iPod home today, smart one, Emma. But since I always go to the buss stop 500 years before the buss comes, I had time to go back home and get them. The first shop I went to in town was a supermarket and I bought a Starbucks coffee drink and a bag of Maltesers. I haven’t eaten Maltesers in literally years, so I’ve forgotten what they taste like, not that it matters, we all know that I will eat them all anyways. Then I bought a Vanilla Latte and Fifty Shades Darker. Obviously.