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    Birthday Partying // Life Adventures N° 15

    Hello there, Party People! A few weekends ago I was at a birthday party for a family friend who turned 19 recently. There was food, cake, and most importantly; coffee. I’m mostly here today to share the pictures I took that have been on my phone just waiting to be edited, so here they are! That’s all from me today, and I have been your friend, Almond. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube

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    “The best drink flavours, in my humble opinon” // Winter Adventures N° 5

      Hello there, Party People! Today I am sharing a small compilation of photos from a few weeks ago, I believe. I don’t really remember, if I’m honest, cause this pal’s organization and life structure has been SLACKING. Severely. I haven’t had my sleeping pills for a few weeks, though I have them now, so my sleeping schedule has been FUCKED UP to say the least. BUT I am now trying got get my life back on track, I say back, even though my life has never been on track, if we’re being honest. I’m gonna get my planning shit together, and my sleeping shit, hopefully… But! Back to these…

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    A lover of nature, Aesthetically // Winter Adventures N° 4

    Hello there, Party People! Today I’m sharing some snowy pictures, not entirely sure when exactly they are taken, but they’re all of snow, so they get to be shared in the same post. I am a lover of nature, aesthetically that is. I am unfortunately not very good at being in nature, or outside in general, one of those reasons is that there are usually other people outside. Even if I’m outside and not around other people, I am still away from the comfort of my own home, which for an anxious and autistic person can be very difficult. I love the thought of traveling and exploring, and just seeing…

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    For the LOVE of God, don’t have your offspring on your shoulders // Winter Adventures N° 3

    Hello, Party People! Today I’m sharing some pictures from the eve of our town’s annual Christmas Parade. I didn’t take that many pictures of the actual parade, for several reasons, such as; · The parade is three whole seconds long · It’s 5pm at the beginning of December in Sweden, it’s DARK outside. · Every person in the whole town who measures over 5’5 above the ground, thinks they win something if they stand as close to the street as possible. They also seem to be under the impression that they get some kind of bonus-points if the have one of their offsprings on their shoulders. Why? For the LOVE…

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    My Gut Feeling Is Always Right // Winter Adventures N° 2

    Hello there, Party People! Today, I’m sharing some photos from my work’s christmas party, which was… last year sometime, very unclear of when. But last year sometime *cough*. I had fun at the party, I didn’t communicate much with the other people, I just sat there in my highlighter-orange dress and hugged my Snorlax plushie and took pictures of various objects on the table. We had two quizzes, I did good on both of them, one of which I had “help” with since the questions where about the staff, and I do not know much about them at all. The other one was music related and I had one wrong…

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    Why Is Santa Winking?! // Winter Adventures N° 1

    Drinking coffee out of a simply amazing Christmas mug, that is slightly inappropriate. Why is Santa winking at me? Does he know that I’m getting EXACTLY what I wished for Christmas? Does Father Christmas like my outfit? The way my new dress hugs my curves? To be honest, not sure I want to know why the big guy with the white beard is winking at me. Not gonna ask… Hello there, Party People! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Heh… To make up for the fact for the fact that I am, at times, a shit blogger, I am going to do a little series, as I can be known…

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    🎄 Getting Cheesy 🎄

    Hello there, Party People! On the last weekend on November, my dad, my aunt, my grandparents and I, went on a little rod trip to a cheese store that held a Christmas Market that day. We tasted lots of chesse, some sausages, drank a little mulled wine and played on one of those lottery-wheel-thingies. On which we didn’t win anything, but we were there for the cheese anyways, so it’s fine. It’s fine… I took a lot of pictures, bought some cheese that was eaten within days, a little bag of Christmas coffee that has yet to be brewed, simply because I wanted to take photos of the bag first,…

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    🍂 Sunday // 19.11.17 🍂

      Hello, Party People! This past  weekend we had our bi-weekley family dinner at our mom’s house. We had tacos, with two kilos of minced meat, and corn.  Not two kilos of corn, but like, at least three corn. I took a picture of my coffee in front of the newly fallen snow, and my sister told me that no one is gonna believe I’m drinking my coffee outside anyways, which to be fair, they probably wouldn’t. That picture is on Instagram, if you wanna see it (you should look at it). My mom’s friend – the one we went to Ullared with – came over and we all had…

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    🍂 Ullared Autumn 2017 🍂

      Hello, Party People! A few weeks ago now, me and some family/family friend went to a Ullared for some – for a lot – of shopping. We started the day off at my mom’s house with some breakfast before we started our car journey. In the car we discussed things, such as if my mom and her friend is allowed to like the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons. I believe they are, though my 13-year-old sister is strongly against it. Before we arrived at our destination, we made a little stop at a clothing shop, so my sister could exchange some jeans.  She likes the ones WITHOUT rips. If…