A 20th Birthday Celebration ♡ 1.0

DSC_3280 Hello, Party People! As you may know, last month I turned 20! This year my celebrations have been/will be a little scattered, and this past Sunday I celebrated me getting one year older with most of family on my dad’s side. Today I celebrated with some more of that family, and this weekend I will be celebrating with my family on my mom’s side. So, prepare yoursleves for some more birthday posts! DSC_3274 We held my celebration at my uncle’s house, and he had been kind enough to smoke some salmon, which was great. I even got to bring food home with me! He and his family had just gotten home from a dinosaur exhibit, which seemed very exciting. My cousin loves dinosaurs, so now I every time I see something wth them I think of him. DSC_3294 We had ice cream, and I made the coffee, we can’t have an Almond celebration without coffee, now can we. It was all around a really nice day, and it was nice to see my family.

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