Friday Family Fun // Thursday, 16.03.17

An Eddy in the sun.

A piece from my photoshoot with my grandparents’ flowers.

A fine Sandwich-cake with a small mountain of shrimps.

A snazzy picture of my drink of choice; Carbonated Water.

Some delicious Schwarzwald cake that was destined for destruction (the meringue and whipped cream combo may be great for your taste buds, but very hard to cut through without making a god damn mess).

Heyyo, Party people! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I don’t really have an excuse, I have several posts planned, that now that I am back at it again, hopefully will go up within the near future. But if I’m honest, my depression has definitely gotten the best of me lately, so life hasn’t been the best, but I’m working on it. I’ve mostly been having Netflix Marathons and been making some art. Hopefully I’ll be posting some of it on here and Instagram in the near future.

But, in relevance to the photos attached to the post that you are reading, my family and I had a small celebration of my uncle’s Birthday this past Friday, which included food and cake, and playing with my small cousins. It was fun, it’s always fun to see them, and this coming weekend, I’m attending a Birthday party for my cousin on my mum’s side who just turned 2 years old, so prepare for more photos of cake.

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